Magical Tumbong was first set up in 2009 as a blog to air my grievances, just like any jaded shit would do.

“Tumbong” is the Filipino word for sphincter. The site name is a juxtaposition that describes how nothing magical comes out the ass, just like how nothing impressive will ever be published on this blog. Basically, I will only be wasting the time of my blog readers.

Over time, adulthood happened, so I long abandoned my meaningless crusade to do things that matter other than rant and ramble about insignificant things.

Throughout the years, I worked as a writer at different BPO companies and am now a freelancer who writes blog content for various clients by trade.

Being free from a 9-5 job allowed me to explore different opportunities where I can grow professionally and financially. The projects I undertook gave me a new perspective and outlook on life.

Instead of letting negativity reign down on me because of my frustration with work and life, freelancing encouraged me to develop a positive mindset. It helped push myself to the limit so I can achieve goals that I never thought were achievable.

Given this newfound attitude, I thought of bringing The Magical Tumbong back to life. From this blog, I would like to share my day-to-day experiences in the hopes of inspiring readers to take action in their lives. I will broach upon productivity and topics on getting things done, both of which you can apply to your personal life.

About the author

As mentioned, I’m a writer by trade. I specialize in writing about digital marketing topics (SEO, social media, content marketing, and others). My work has been published in different publications and more will come in the future.

Writing is not only my skill that brings food to the table, but it is also my passion. Providing content to clients is something that I deeply enjoy doing.

If you are interested in my writing services, please click on the button below to go to my professional site.

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However, part of why I plan on writing regularly on The Magical Tumbong is to share more of my non-writing projects. I’m an aspiring online entrepreneur who wants to provide value to my target audience.

My projects involve me building different niche sites using various tools and I will be applying the principles and knowledge I have acquired throughout the years and share my progress with you.

I will try my best to provide you with useful content that will help you think about the things you’re doing and how you can make them better if possible. Even if you’re not into digital marketing, I will make it worth your while — I promise! 🙂

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