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I tried searching a local heavy metal forum site for ticket reservations of an Arch Enemy performance in A-Venue next month, when I decided to just search threads about my band instead. Back during my…
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The ISO is such a bitch. The organization that is supposed to standardize work process and make production as orderly as possible actually does the opposite: confuse the process and alienate workers. …
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The plan has been set to motion. Finalized everything with just a click of a mouse button and the plan will take effect a week and a half from now. Despite it all, I’m sure gonna miss a lot of t…
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There are two things I currently hate doing: writing travel blogs for a part-time gig that was due months ago and forcing myself out of bed early in the morning. The latter I struggle to do on a const…
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After that horrible Sunday evening, despair struck twice when I opened my company mail the next morning and read another discouraging message from the client. Great. All I needed was another voice rem…
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