Wishlist 2014

Before I begin spewing off things I plan to accomplish this year, I’ll take a look back at my wishlist last year and see how I’ve done. Finish my paper for my Asian Literature class on February – March. DONE. I passed. Find a way to dedicate at least 40 […]

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Communication Breakthrough

So I got to chat with a psychiatrist this morning. She confirmed my greatest fears – that I’ve become a spineless windbag and I need to stop saying the opposite of “no” and just. have. some. balls. She didn’t say it that way, but I’ll elaborate the entire conversation as […]

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Top Five: Boracay 2013

 1. Boracay 2013 is vastly different from the first time I visited the island more than twenty years ago. There were no malls, basically zero commerce. All I remembered were trees, less than cozy resorts, and more trees. Looking back at those times, I appreciated how Boracay was about the […]

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