New Skin

Sine last year, I have made an effort to reach out to other local freelancers and get to know more about the community in the Philippines. Since taking freelancing seriously, I have spent most of my time finding clients, doing work for them and making money. This rinse and repeat […]

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The Journey

People preach about the importance of focusing not on the goal but the journey. In most cases, I agree with this sentiment. I was listening to random music on Spotify for work when I remembered out of the blue the band Winds. They are a progressive heavy metal with a […]

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In the Face of Criticism

I had a strange interaction with an entrepreneur in a blogger mastermind chat group. I signed up to his/her social platform that s/he’s been promoting heavily on the group. As a freelancer, I would like to try my hands on anything that could help me become better at my job. The […]

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What Goes Around, Comes Around

Have you ever been in a contentious relationship that you can’t break because, despite all the trials and tribulations you’ve gone through in this partnership, there is a part of you that still believes it could work? I have been in one for almost 23 years. The name of the […]

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No Exit

I saw John Wick Chapter 2 last night with my wife at a nearby cinema. As good as the first film was, this is a superior installment that has a more cohesive story and a sense of urgency from the protagonist. While most of the scenes are muddled in mindless […]

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In Love With Passion

  For me, a great day is when I’ve worked at least eight uninterrupted hours a day helping clients with their needs and developing my websites. Whereas others complain about their thankless jobs, I am blessed to be working a job that I thoroughly enjoy doing. If possible, I would love […]

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