My Main Goal for 2017

The purpose of reviving Magical Tumbong is to use it as a platform to document by progress towards my main goal. However, I haven’t revealed my actual goals yet. In fact, I only have a single goal for this year: 4x my income before the end of the year. To […]

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Back to the Start

Hello, everyone! Over the weekend, I was supposed to use my free time work on my client projects. However, I suddenly remembered a blog that I was working on in 2009 that I never updated since 2012 with unique content. I bought a domain for the blog in 2015 hoping […]

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The Royal Anderson

The Darjeeling Limited was released on selected cinemas this past week in the US, and despite its lukewarm reception and box-office sales, even not having seen a trailer of the film or having heard Hotel Chevalier just a couple of days ago (more on this later), I can only assume […]

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