Christopher Jan Benitez

Freelance writer and content marketer by profession. CEO of GoSmrk, a boutique digital agency that focuses on helping online businesses by using the latest and best growth hacking techniques. Magical Tumbong is a place where he vents out about non-work related matters.

Growing Pains

I saw The Edge of Seventeen starring Hailee Steinfeld last night. I think it’s a superb coming-of-age film that doesn’t pander to the audience like most teen flicks. It doesn’t have the snark and biting wit of Easy A nor the glossy tropes of Mean Girls. Both are great movies […]

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Why I Still Enjoy Pro Wrestling

As I’m typing this, I’m listening/watching Talking Smack on the WWE Network (only $9.99/month). A grown damn man and I still find time during the day to get my dose of pro wrestling, particular WWE. I frequent r/squaredcircle during the day and have built a pro wrestling site curating the […]

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What It Means to Truly Love

When I proposed to my then-girlfriend almost four years ago, I was pretty sure that getting married was what I wanted in life. Between then and the day I finally got married, I went through a wringer. Preparing for a wedding involves logistics and factors that fiancé and fiancée have to endure. […]

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The Beauty of Things We Cannot Control

Our babysitter of two years has booked a one-way flight back to her hometown. She won’t work with us anymore and take care of my daughter. While her departure will be months from now, there’s still time to find a suitable replacement. Still, it feels like a knife twisting inside your […]

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My Most Favorite Youtube Video

Youtube is a big time-waster and everybody knows it. One minute, you’re browsing a video about an innocent meme and the time snowballs into hours as you browse for more videos. While Youtube can get addictive, with the right video, it can help inspire and put everything in your life into […]

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Let’s Talk About the Past

Looking back at the past is like staring long hard in the mirror. You can see flashbacks of your life that once was, but you can only experience glimpses of it. You can no longer fully immerse yourself into what happened, but only revel at the idea of the events that took place. […]

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Force by Habit

As a freelancer, it is crucial to develop habits. Since I am no longer restricted normally associated with confinement to an office space, I need to learn how to manage my time properly. When I started, I spend most of my time on Facebook and Youtube because nobody is regulating […]

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Keeping Up With Time

As people age, they tend to change their priorities to simplify their lives. Instead of focusing on a lot of their interests, people prefer to focus on things they are passionate about and that matter to them. Life is long for those who find it meaningless. But for those who […]

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To My Wife

You turned me into everything that I am right now. Back then, we were barely scraping by, having less than enough to make it work. Now, we have a family and more than enough to shoulder even more responsibility. You pushed me to become a better person than I could […]

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