Christopher Jan Benitez

Freelance writer and content marketer by profession. CEO of GoSmrk, a boutique digital agency that focuses on helping online businesses by using the latest and best growth hacking techniques. Magical Tumbong is a place where he vents out about non-work related matters.


I tried searching a local heavy metal forum site for ticket reservations of an Arch Enemy performance in A-Venue next month, when I decided to just search threads about my band instead. Back during my first few years with the group when I made a habit of constantly searching for […]

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Went to the university in hopes of borrowing books I need for my report this coming week. However, my drive was met with utter disappointment that the goddamn traffic prevented me from getting to the library on time. Disappointment then turned into anger after finding out that the traffic was […]

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The ISO is such a bitch. The organization that is supposed to standardize work process and make production as orderly as possible actually does the opposite: confuse the process and alienate workers. At least this worker. Organized person, I am not. Our team will create a presentation of the positive […]

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The plan has been set to motion. Finalized everything with just a click of a mouse button and the plan will take effect a week and a half from now. Despite it all, I’m sure gonna miss a lot of things. In line with this, I treated the guys to […]

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There are two things I currently hate doing: writing travel blogs for a part-time gig that was due months ago and forcing myself out of bed early in the morning. The latter I struggle to do on a constant basis. Waking up is an equivalent of having a shriveled corpse […]

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After that horrible Sunday evening, despair struck twice when I opened my company mail the next morning and read another discouraging message from the client. Great. All I needed was another voice reminding me how much I suck. Kill me now. Speaking of having me murdered, the day at the […]

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Attack of the Killer Fil-Ams

Last June marked the first time for more than a decade that my cousins from San Diego came back to tear this country a new asshole. And by ripping the earth a fresh shit crevice, I mean getting ass-drunk and puking brains, hitting on Filipina women, and just “making it […]

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Tabula Rasa

Out with the old and in with the new. Let me explain. I was asked by my girlfriend if I was still “damned in blue,” as the title of my blog indicated. For years, my entries on Damned consisted of mainly self-deprecating blow-by-blow accounts of what’s up, or in this […]

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