August 16, 2017

Another Overdue Update

I haven’t been able to meet my commitment in writing posts on this blog regularly. Not that there are readers flocking to read my posts here (and not that it factored in to why I don’t write as much), but I still would like to have a platform where I can just dump everything non-work-related off my plate so I can have a clearer head moving forward.

This has been a story much of my adult life. I try to make commitments that I genuinely feel that I can do, only to not be able to do them at all for countless of reasons. Regardless of how legitimate the reasons are, it feels like a cop-out to everything that I promised myself before undertaking a project. It’s not right to myself to break my word – if I keep breaking them, what good are my words worth?

I remember years ago that I kept lying because it was much more convenient than telling the truth. It was easier to keep everyone in the dark while I bend forward and backward to keep my story straight. Truth be told, it wasn’t any convenient or easier to not only push yourself to the limit but also hurt the people you care about. Since then, I swore to make a more concerted effort to stay true to myself and everyone to avoid more problems from the lies I’ve created.

I know that’s an exaggeration of missing out days and month from writing on a blog that nobody reads. But that’s not all I promised to myself this – I also vowed to monetize my professional blog through different means, which hasn’t panned out as I anticipated. Things are simply easier said than done in most cases.

Despite these hiccups, I was able to reach some of the goals I’ve set for myself for this year (more on those later). Still, I’ll like to believe that a lot of work needs to be done to get to the stage where I’m truly a man of my word.

That said, and not that it matters to anyone, I won’t be able to update this blog the way I initially did, which was one post every day. I’m dedicating all my energies and resources to my pet project, GoSMRK (which I have detailed in my previous post here), in the hopes of achieving my greater goal of reaching 4x my current income. It’s not the easiest road to travel, but if it were easy, then everybody would be doing it.

As a result, I have to cut my losses with things that don’t  contribute to this goal, even if it means not writing on this blog as regularly. Therefore, I feel that the I can only write a post every other month at the very least. I could try publishing more content within the timeframe, but the only guarantee I can make at the moment is the one promised earlier.

I want to be better with my words and I hope that stating this, no matter how pointless it is, and pushing through it is a start.

Nothing lasts forever

cbaquiran / Pixabay

I celebrated my birthday more than a month ago. I was never big on birthday. I want to keep it as low-key as possible. I don’t want a grand celebration or a big party to confirm my age and existence in the world. I want to just go about my day as though nothing important has happened.

However, when you grow older and gain perspective in life, you need to acknowledge that birthdays are a big deal. Not everybody gets to live a life like mine. All the failures and successes are what make me who I am now, whether if that’s good or bad. Some even die without them seeing it, like headlights ramming them down when in the middle of the empty road.

I feel fortunate that I am able to live this kind of life, while others weren’t able to even see the light of day. It is a gift that keeps telling you every year that life is never certain. It is only as certain as you make out of it. It’s only now that I realize all this.

Since this year, I started to spend more quality time with people I care about during my birthday month. It’s time to give back to the people who made me what I am now. I met my high school friends, college block mates, childhood buddies, and family in a span of a month.

While birthdays are a sign that my time is running out, I’d rather look the way and see birthdays as a sign of things that I have achieved and could still do with the people around me. My birthday is not about me but my loved ones who never gave up on me and has seen through my success.

My first “car”

Through the years, I’ve been renting my parent’s car whenever my family travels. It was convenient but only if it was available and they weren’t using it during the day. I had to wait for the car to return before I can use it.

Eventually, we felt that borrowing a car was impractical in the long run since we wanted a car that’s readily available to us anytime and anywhere. Therefore, since last year, we were adamant on getting a car for our family before the end of the year.

This past week, with some financial planning and blessings in the form of different clients, we were able to secure a Honda Mobilio (obviously not the one featured above).

The feeling of having an real car hasn’t sunk in with me yet. Every time I enter the car, the scent of a new car overwhelms my sense. I still feel like the car’s a dream that I haven’t woken up to yet.

However, I’m not here to talk about the new. I’m here to talk about my first “one.”

In 2015, we had nothing to spare for a car. So we decide to buy a second-hand bike from a thrift shop for roughly $30. It was rusty and needed a paint job, but as far as function is concerned, it was enough to get the job done. It’s actually an automatic Japanese bike with the machinery still intact, but broken.

My wife and I joked that it was our first “car.” But it’s a telling story of how broke-ass I was at the time. Buried in debt and with barely enough to scrape by, we would simply settle for a bike instead of a car.

However, despite how I rarely used the bike, I view it as a reminder about how hard and smart I worked to overcome our debts and earn more than enough to become financially comfortable in the span of two years. It’s another sobering story that you have to claw your way out from our own hell-hole if you want to survive and persevere in life. Obviously, I want something greater for me and my family, which is why I’ll keep climbing up steep mountains to reach a point in life where I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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