June 21, 2017

A Long Overdue Update

There’s too much to share on a single post due to my inactivity. I’ll try to cover as much ground as possible but I’m not making any promises.

Swimming on an imaginary oasis

In WWE, there’s a guy named CM Punk who delivered a meta-promo that blew everyone’s mind. His contract was up and was leaning towards leaving the company. I’m not sure about the particulars, but WWE then decided to let him loose on the mic and see where it goes before offering him an extension. And so he did, which results in one of the rawest and venom-filled speeches delivered in the history of the business.

He made mention of “chasing after imaginary brass rings.” That’s precisely what I’ve come to realize I’m doing for so long.

I have this terrible habit of not being consistent at blogging. It also applies to most of the things I’ve done this past couple of months, which explains why I’m no longer active writing on this blog.

Truth of the matter is, after completing Sark-e Media’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge, there really is no reason for me to continue writing here. I mean, why spend time inflating my ego by writing on a blog that no one will ever read when I can simply jump right to work and do something much more productive with my time?

However, instead of actually doing work, i.e. tasks that will end up increasing my cash flow to help reach my goal of quadrupling my income by the end of the year, I spent my team chasing imaginary brass rings.

I launched a network of sites that covered different niches, all of which I bought with a help of a broker. My plan is to test (take note of this word) and implement a theory that should allow me to generate passive income for years to come.

However, after months of developing and implementing a plan, I have come to a conclusion that I have wasted money and time in creating something out of it.

There were ten sites that I have to develop and carry out a strategy all by myself. I hired a writer who would populate each site with content. As of writing, we’re down to six sites to fill up, and I’m still waiting to profit from the other sites I’ve built.

On top of this, I have to manage my freelance writing tasks, which is what I should have focused on in the first place.

In order words, I have suffered from the “spreading myself too thin” syndrome that plagues people with proactive minds like myself. I, like others, tend to jump from one idea to another. I find it hard to commit to a single idea because I honestly feel that I’m bursting with creativity (doesn’t matter if they’re good ones). I feed off from my hyperactive brain that tells me to do this and that because of a pipe dream that it’ll make money eventually.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

As with all things in life, I have to learn how to cut the noise and focus on things that matter. I need to let the bad investment go and just put all my energies on things that deliver results.

Which is why I’m starting to make an effort to streamline everything that I do in life.

The first thing I had to do is scrap the site building. Just like the 30-day blogging challenge, there’s just no point in doing something from scratch when I already have my freelance business and partnerships up and running.

Below are other things that I plan on doing soon.

Building a lifelong dream

One of my dreams before starting my freelance writing business is to launch a digital agency that offers affordable marketing services to small businesses. That’s why I bought GoSmrk and tried launching it with some of my former co-workers in 2014. I had little experience but full of hope and passion of genuinely helping businesses grow through online marketing.

However, due to financial needs and failed attempts of securing a client, I had to drop that dream and focus on earning money first through my writing.

Years have passed, I was able to overcome my financial deficit and have built a comfortable life around my job. GoSmrk was nothing more but a small dot in the past filled with lots of bad decisions.

However, a co-worker reached out to me to ask if GoSmrk was still up. She presented a compelling argument to start it back up. Her reason? There was a client who’s interested in working with up.

I simply dropped everything and worked on building the site back up.

GoSmrk About page

Now, I’m working with four core members looking for leads and managing one client for now. It’s nothing much for now, but I strongly feel that there’s something special to be made with this project. I have developed roadmaps and goals for the coming years, which goes to show how serious I really am with starting an agency.

I’m aware that there’s no money flowing to our account yet. Obviously, all things have to start somewhere but they amount to something. So it’s just a matter of focusing my energies of building something great.

Also, this isn’t like the previous undertakings I’ve had to make sure years earlier. This has always been a passion for me and I have enough experience and know-how to pull this off. With just a bit of luck, I honestly think GoSmrk can go places.

Reaching out to business coaches

I’ve had a great chat Tor Magne Refsland at Time Management Chef. He’s a business coach who has helped business thrive and has experience running a digital marketing. He helped enlighten me on how to do with my goals and how to execute them in less time, all while maximizing the results.

He helped me realize why I wanted to do GoSmrk. Honestly, it’s not 100% about the money. Money is good, but it comes and goes. What I truly want is to build something that’s bigger than me. I want to leave a lasting mark in the digital world in my way. I could do speaking engagements and seminars, but I see more of myself as a behind the scenes guy. I don’t need the attention, I just want to produce results, conduct tests, and help people do what they love by doing what I love.

Our chat went well, but his pricing, although reasonable, is just too high for my liking. I cannot shell out that much money even if I tried my hardest, at least for the moment. Because of that, I was forced to cancel my engagement with him until future notice.

My talk with him inspired me to look for other coaches who can help me reach my goals and become more accountable for the things I set for myself. I need to do things that matter in the long run and filter out tasks that won’t give to the results I want to do. I can do this myself, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to have a coach guide you to the right path and keep you from going astray.

So far, I haven’t found anyone who can help me. Eventually, I may want to take up Tor’s offer in the near future, worst case scenario. Or best.

Being a father the second time around

Last May, my wife and I found out that we’ll be having another baby who’s due in December of this year.

It was something that we have tried since the start of this year. My wife stopped taking pills since she suffered from Meniere’s disease late last year so we figured to try out our luck with this baby thing.

For seven months or so (starting back in November 2016), we had no such luck. It also puts into perspective how difficult it is to conceive a child in this world. It’s lucky that we already have a two-year-old daughter while others who were married longer are still trying to have a child.

Earlier this May, my sister informed us of a technique on how to conceive a child. It’s just basically counting 14 days after my wife’s first day of her period and then doing the deed on that day.

Luckily, it worked. Son of a bitch.

The announcement came hot on the heels from our vacation in Virgin Beach Resort at Batangas. While we were there, she was already craving for green mangoes. I had to ask the staff around if they were offering and even had our driver to look for some outside. It was a fruitless attempt as there were no mangoes to be found. But from that point on, her craving was apparently a sign of things to come.

My reaction when we found out the news? Extremely joy. There is no feeling that compares to having a child that came from you. When my first child was born, it felt like create a custom player from those old basketball and wrestling games on Playstation. However, with a child, it is your own. S/he shares your features, attitudes, and traits that you can’t manifest on a created player. It felt surreal that me, a nobody, a guy who has little accomplished in life, will be blessed with another child.

Right now, everything is good. I can’t complain about everything that’s happened to me since I last wrote on this blog. I wish I wrote sooner, I guess? But besides that, when I wake up in the morning, I feel a renewed sense of purpose not only for my family but also for my agency and my soon to be daughter/son.

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