March 3, 2017

Losing It

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Yesterday, I was looking for a suit that I’d wear for a function this weekend my wife and I are attending. I was looking for this suit days before but can’t find it in the house. I wore it for my friend’s wedding last year, and it’s the only suit I have (save for the one I wore at my wedding, but I only plan on using that when we renew our vows soon).

Upon hours of futility, I decided to buy my own. I tried borrowing from my father but his suit overlaps one side when buttoned down, which isn’t my style. Suits cost a lot compared to your usual clothing, obvious. But it’s not the price that bugs me.

I hate it when losing things. The idea that you can’t find something for no other reason other than you’re a stupid idiot kills me every time.

Not finding something means that you’re not in control of your life.

If you can’t remember a thing that you set aside five minutes ago, then you need to pay closer attention to the details.

For years, I have been like this. Always forgetting where I place my stuff or things that I need to be doing. There are a lot of excuses that I can make to explain why I forgot about them, but it’s a pointless exercise. The fact remains that I didn’t pay enough attention and dedicate myself to how I run my life.

I remember years ago when I lost a ballpoint pen at school, and I lost it in the car I’m driving going back home. I kept talking to myself how it’s not the object that I lost, but the principle behind losing something. If I only cared about every single, minute detail in my life, then everything would be running correctly. I’d still have my suit and wouldn’t have shelled out $80+ for a brand new suit.

But that’s life. You can’t control everything. Things just break away from you, just like a set of earphones with wires that keep tangling itself no matter how hard you try to avoid it. The cords are just stupid enough to put themselves in that kind of a mess. In fact, I am just as stupid, as much as everyone else.

But that’s how life is. You need to understand that things don’t always go your way and that’s okay. Like water, you need to adjust to the container you’re being poured into. You cannot be rigid because you will really lose it.

2 Comments on “Losing It

Hollie Hawley
March 3, 2017 at 3:58 am

Oh, man, you’re being so hard on yourself! I’m sorry you lost your suit and I’m sorrier you feel so bad about it. Are you sure it’s not at the cleaners?

March 6, 2017 at 3:32 am

Pretty sure it’s not in the cleaners. It is what it is, I guess 🙂


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