February 19, 2017

No Exit

DasWortgewand / Pixabay

I saw John Wick Chapter 2 last night with my wife at a nearby cinema. As good as the first film was, this is a superior installment that has a more cohesive story and a sense of urgency from the protagonist.

While most of the scenes are muddled in mindless violence, the killings are an intrinsic part of the film’s identity. If you can suspend your disbelief throughout the entire movie, you can sympathize with John’s fight for survival. Everybody is out to get him, and the only way to live is to take the lives of others. Eventually, he gets through to every fight, but the threat of death is always out to get him, especially when he least expects it.

I remember my professor mentioning that Keanu Reeves lives for Christian action films. Although I find the Bill and Ted movies to be excellent, he hasn’t had much success as an actor except for The Matrix and John Wick, both of which are filled with religious overtones. In fact, he is widely responsible for making both successful franchises work.

In The Matrix, Neo is the reluctant Chosen One who sacrificed himself to save the world. John, like Jesus Christ, was raised back from the dead, figuratively speaking. He digs up his weapons from hell to unleash his carnage on earth.

Like Neo, John was forced to take up the responsibility that he did not want in the first place. John gets sucked into the world where he has no intentions of coming back to. But because everything he held dear was taken from him, somebody has to pay. His revenge was completed, but his work is far from over, which is pretty much the basis of the second film.

The choices he has made on both films cause a domino effect that leaves him with no options. He creates a prison in which there is no key to open the gates. The only course of action left to do is keep fighting and killing. He may not want to do this, but he has to.

Everybody can relate to John Wick. There are things beyond our control. There are no solutions to some of our problems, so we must do everything to survive not only for ourselves but also for the people we love, even if they are a distant memory.

Life is a constant battle. You need to make a killing (again, figuratively) every single day to make the most out of it. Because ultimately, there is no choice but to live.

How about you? What is your choice in life? Let me know by commenting below and let’s talk about it!

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