February 21, 2017

In the Face of Criticism

WerbeFabrik / Pixabay

I had a strange interaction with an entrepreneur in a blogger mastermind chat group.

I signed up to his/her social platform that s/he’s been promoting heavily on the group. As a freelancer, I would like to try my hands on anything that could help me become better at my job.

The platform is a bit clunky and unrefined, but I kept my impressions to myself at first. I haven’t gotten around using the tool because of other responsibilities. Maybe if I give it time, then most of its design and features would eventually make sense to me.

What bugged me were the emails they send. The platform was sending emails about bitcoin and a myriad of topics I’m not interested in or have the time to understand. Usually, I unsubscribe to emails like this to keep my inbox free from clutter. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the platform I’m using. I don’t subscribe to emails regularly sent by MailChimp and Hootsuite, but both are tools that I love regarding making my job as a freelancer much easier.

When I was trying to unsubscribe from the platform’s mailing list, I can’t find a button that will allow me not to receive the emails. Again, I haven’t gotten around using the tool yet, but if I can only find the time to play with it and get to familiarize with it, then that would be great. At the same time, I want to unsubscribe from its mailing list, but there’s no option in the platform.

So I addressed the issue with the site owner on the mastermind group. I politely asked if there’s an unsubscribe feature on the website so I can stop receiving some of the emails. His/her reply was curt, saying that I should delete my account because they are launching an email campaign with free perks and offers.

I tried reasoning with him/her, saying that I don’t want to delete my account because I would still like to use the platform for educational purposes. Then I suggest that it would be nice to have unsubscription options for people like me who simply want the value provided by the platform, nothing more.

Then s/he mentioned that the site was not for everybody and that s/he was deleting my account. And then s/he abruptly left the group.

And I was like…


(Parks and Recreations is dope, by the way.)

I was as polite as possible, and my concerns were valid. I can honestly say I came off as neither confrontational not ungrateful about the email and the lack of a unsubscribe button.

It was just hell weird.

I guess some people don’t want their work to be questioned. Maybe s/he wanted people who accept his vision 100%. If you don’t like 1% of it, then out you go.

S/he wasn’t willing to compromise or meet halfway towards a reasonable request about his/her tool geared towards building a vibrant community. Well, if s/he’s not ready to bend for people who want to help him/her be part of his/her community, then what’s the point of building one?

I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical reason why the person reacted that way. Maybe he had a bad day, he’s not feeling well, or that’s just the kind of person s/he is. Regardless, reacting like that in the face of criticism (I wouldn’t classify what I did as criticism, but let’s just assume that it is) against his tool built for people is foolhardy.

How about you? How would you react toward someone who questions your work? Would you throw a fit, scream out in rage, or punch a hole through your PC/laptop monitor? Comment below and let’s work through your anger! 🙂

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