February 18, 2017

In Love With Passion


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For me, a great day is when I’ve worked at least eight uninterrupted hours a day helping clients with their needs and developing my websites.

Whereas others complain about their thankless jobs, I am blessed to be working a job that I thoroughly enjoy doing.

If possible, I would love to work for 24 hours straight, every single day. For realsies.

Don’t get me wrong – I would sacrifice everything to spend quality time with my wife and kid. But work is comfortably placed as my second priority.

Aside from making money through work, there is a sense of accomplishment every time I produce something as a freelancer/aspiring entrepreneur. It feels good to see your name appear at the bottom of every post your write on different sites.

Unlike working for companies in which they take all the credit and the profits from the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured out for them, freelancing allows me to take ownership of my product.

Whenever I put out something online, people will know that it’s me who published the article or built the site. A quick Google search of my name will be proof of that.

Recently, I have written a post on whether you should leave your full-time job to become a freelancer. I think this is an important question to ask yourself which needs an answer at the soonest possible time. The key takeaway from what I wrote is you need to make a decision and commit to your choice 100%.

You cannot half-ass something because circumstances have left you no choice. There is always a choice. It’s just a matter of grabbing it by the noggins and commanding it at your will.

I bring this up about your passion for work because you need to love your job. It will eat most of your waking hour for the bulk of your adult life. And if you fucking hate your job, then why the fuck are you still there?

Decisions are hard because they take commitment and compromise on your part. These are also the reasons why you should make a decision as early as today! You definitely cannot commit to something you have zero passion for. And you’re just wasting away precious hours of your time when you can do something that enriches your life and lets you be you.

So what if your passions don’t let me make money? You’ll figure something out eventually.

I started as a freelancer with zero dollars on my bank account and no other sources of income. I built an enormous debt along the way. However, I clawed my way to pay everything back. I thoroughly enjoy writing and anything that’s related to digital marketing that I found a way to make ends meet. No secret formula, no shortcuts. Just sheer will and lots of love.

Simply put, you cannot go wrong with love. Life is short, and you’ll regret everything by the time your passionless life is over.

You need to do things that matter to you.

You need to commit to responsibilities that make you happy.

You need to choose a job that you want to do for the rest of your life.

How about you? Are you also blessed with the job that fills your life with joy? Are you still looking for the job? Let’s talk about it by entering your comments below!

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