February 10, 2017

Force by Habit

RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

As a freelancer, it is crucial to develop habits.

Since I am no longer restricted normally associated with confinement to an office space, I need to learn how to manage my time properly.

When I started, I spend most of my time on Facebook and Youtube because nobody is regulating my online activity. As a result, I didn’t get anything done.

It’s a frustrating transition because you really need to want yourself to work. It’s not because you have to. Without producing work as a freelancer, there will be no income for you. That’s on top of looking for clients who are willing to roll the dice with you, which is another subject on its own.

However, I am confident to say that I have been killing it as a freelancer. I am now working with steady clients who pay handsomely. I am also able to balance the time to do my passion projects as an aspiring online entrepreneur.

All in all, I’d say the transition has been a success.

However, I’d like to go back to the importance of developing winning. And it’s not just any kind of habit. It should be winning habits.

You need to learn how to train yourself to work in a certain rhythm and schedule so you can produce high-quality work on a consistent basis. Even with deadlines looming over your head, you will be able to manage because you have a system in place that allows you to process all the orders and get them done in an organized manner.

This is what developing winning habits has helped me with.

So how can you develop your own then?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Everybody is different and requires a particular answer that suits their personality and lifestyle.

For me, I was able to develop winning habits through exercise.

I view exercise more as a way to maintain my health. At 32 years of age, I need to find a way to maintain my performance at an optimum level, both physically and mentally. Before I started my exercise regiment, I found myself tired all day, not to mention sluggish in my work.

By using exercise as a medium to improve myself in a holistic sense, I was able to focus more, do more, and kick ass.

An important note about starting with my exercise regiment: I didn’t do this because I want to lose weight or look good. I believe this is such a bullshit reason to exercise. First of all, once you’ve achieved your goal, you tend to slack off and miss your exercise days until you’re back to the same weight you started before you exercised.

I fell into the same trap before. Months before getting married, I started the Insanity workout by Shaun T. It’s a highly effective exercise program that spanned two months of various workouts focusing on different parts of the body. While I only finished 1 1/2 months of it due to back pain, I lost 15 pounds.

However, I immediately regained the lost pounds eventually. Not to mention, the commitment required to pull out the whole program is not sustainable. I cannot sacrifice an hour a day, every day to exercise. Not to mention, the time it takes to prepare yourself, cool down, and take a bath will cost you another hour.

Therefore, after getting the weight back, I promised to exercise once again. This time, however, I’m doing this for the people I love. I’m doing this because I want to increase my resistance so I can keep working and provide for them. I’m exercising because I want to be strong enough to carry them on my back when there’s a fire and they need to be carried out of a building.

(Honestly, this is one of the reasons why I am exercising. I told this to my wife and she found it silly. Still, I really feel strongly about it for some reason.)

Also, instead of exercising every day, I exercise every other day so I have a break once in a while.

The exercises I did were 30+ minutes of HIIT exercises from Fitness Blender (an amazing Youtube channels with lots of exercise programs for all levels – I highly recommend that you check this out). Below is my current favorite workout video.

Regarding going to the gym, I like the idea of working out with all the equipments in front of you at a controlled setting where other people share the same goals as you. But I thought to myself, if I can exercise in the comforts of my home, why do I have to leave?

Now, I have lost a bit of weight to start the year – five pounds and counting. I also feel more positive and productive throughout the day, not to mention stronger and healthier in general.

The habit of exercising has helped me develop and sharpen my skills, and I hope that, if you try out exercising, you would feel the same results.

How about you? Are you exercising? What is the reason why you exercise in the first place? Any recommendations for exercise videos that you’d like me to do? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and let’s talk about it!

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