April 13, 2014

PLDT MyBro: Customer Disservice

I have been a PLDT MyBro subscriber for the past four months. I signed up for their 499 promo last December. Prior to subscribing, I never read any reviews about their service.

To be fair, I have been a Smart canopy subscriber at our old house since 2007 and never had any problems with it up until now. Since PLDT and Smart have merged, I expected the same thing with MyBro.

Big mistake.

Days after signing up for MyBro, I started experiencing intermittent internet connection. I called their customer support hotline and did all the possible troubleshooting to regain connection. Checked internet speed, plugged and unplugged the device, transferred location of the device outside for better connection. All those did not work.

There were times that I had connection but it only lasted around five minutes in a day throughout December.

By January, there was complete network error. Can’t connect using the browser. I called their customer service multiple times, each call clocking in around 30 minutes. Their reason for the connection problem? They were having issues with their base tower and won’t provide a date when this will be resolved.

I tried cancelling my account with MyBro but because of their lock-n period, I never went through with it. So for me to get rid of their unreliable internet connection, I have to pay them? Fuhgetaboutit.

What makes this even more frustrating is the fact that I earn money online. I had to endure days without working. And for me to be able to work is to go to my old house with the Smart MyBro or go to an internet cafe, both of which are inconvenient.

And so I waited for 25 days so they can restore the connection. All the pent-up rage seemed to have dissipated even though MyBro still has its moments of poor internet connectivity. Nonetheless, I applied for a rebate for the past 25 days of no connection.

Two months have passed and the rebate still did not reflect on the bill.

Begrudginly, I had to call their customer support to report this issue. Apparently, they disapproved my rebate application because there were no record of me reporting connection problems.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Keeping my composure, I was forced to reapply for a rebate which would hopefully reflect on next month’s bill.

But the damage haa been done. PLDT MyBro provides terrible internet connection and an ever poorer customer support. There is no redeeming quality with this particular service.

I have to single out the customer support for being unsupportive and totally incompetent in helping me out. Every call felt like a chore and they keep running the same troubleshooting guide as if they’re not listening. I’m pretty sure that the product is the root cause of the problem, but talking to their customer support made it even worse.

tl;dr don’t subscribe to PLDT MyBro unless you want to punish yourselves. And I really hope they can improve their customer support.

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