January 21, 2013

Two Thoughts about My Proposal

My surprise proposal just came and went in one fell swoop. Just like love, it was exasperating to plan how everything will unfold and get the most important people in our lives involved at the right time. But once she said “yes,” all the hard work paid off. It is simply the happiest moment in my life thus far, which will soon be displayed once I see her walk down the church aisle gracefully with her beautiful gown and her sweet “I do.”

Things would not have gone down smoothly without really good friends. They helped me carry out my grand scheme to perfection and even gave a personal touch of their own during the actual protocol. I’m blessed with having few friends that I can depend on when it counted.

Another thing I learned about myself is that I’m always bound to make mistakes in all the things I do. It’s not about how I get things right, but it’s more about how many mistakes I’ve committed today. It’s a frustrating and painstaking process to take in criticism and hurt feelings with how I carry out things, but I’ll simply have to take the punches and just get up back again when I fall down.

The biggest mistake I made during the proposal was my failure to invite some people in the family. Although I’ve made amends and patched things up, I feel so stupid not having to extend the invitation to them, whether they will actually come to the proposal or not. It was a bone-headed move of epic proportions that I squirm at the thought of my stupidity. If you’re reading this, I’m truly sorry. This certainly won’t happen again.

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