January 5, 2013

Top Five: Boracay 2013

 1. Boracay 2013 is vastly different from the first time I visited the island more than twenty years ago. There were no malls, basically zero commerce. All I remembered were trees, less than cozy resorts, and more trees. Looking back at those times, I appreciated how Boracay was about the beach and the laid-back atmosphere. I’m not hating on Boracay like I always I do in passing (probably because I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation in Bohol years ago, which was reminiscent of what Boracay was – pure and unadulterated beaches and breathtaking sights), but the island has gotten so congested and complicated with the many establishments and foreigners crowding the place.
2. Thankfully, I was with my Beloved and her family to help me focus on what’s really important: taking a break from the daily grind to enjoy times off with loved ones and great people. Having Baby Pink during the trip reminded me of having difficult and stressful, but strangely satisfying and fulfilling, it is to have a baby on a vacation trip. Having important people in Boracay whom my father know personally help enrich the experience. Having my Beloved’s sister treat us to appetizing meals and intoxicating drinks greatly made our stay much more memorable.

3. Do yourself a favor and not take the “island hopping” service they offer over there. 2,000 Php for the entire 3-hour trip good for 8-12 people sounds like a steal, right? All the boat did was take you to two snorkeling areas from opposite stations, travel the entire shoreline from left to right, and take you to an unsatisfactory semi-private beach with a deceptively expensive restaurant. Boring as hell.

4. I understand that products and services are much more expensive over at Boracay as opposed to Manila, but consider: foot spa for 800 Php, a 20-30 second “zorb” ride for 300 Php (to be fair, going inside a spherical ride filled with water and being pushed on a declined plane is loads of fun), a Nokia charger for 450 Php, and then some. Business as usual.

5. Aside from having shared the first trip of the year with my beloved, what I love about beach vacations is the moment when I just sit back and think about my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I secretly do a Woody Allen monologue when I get a chance and just ramble about everything. The environment and vibe of Boracay call for self-reflection and introspection, which I did.

Here’s the gist of my moronic musings: I’m not always happy. I’d probably color myself as, to put it mildly, doubtful. But I don’t want to be doubtful or unhappy. I want to be glad and thankful and humbled by everything, but it just doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to force everything from me until there’s nothing to force out. Until I snap and let my “dark passenger” take the wheel, to borrow Dexter for a bit. We all have this passenger stinking up the joint here and there, which is why I’m trying my darndest to take control of this passenger, if not kick him out to the curb. I’m tired of being unhappy, to say the least.

2 Comments on “Top Five: Boracay 2013

January 13, 2013 at 6:20 pm

If you have experienced island hopping in other Philippine islands, like Palawan, Cebu and Bohol, you'd surely wouldn't like the ones being offered in Boracay. And I fully understand your point. Boracay's island hopping is really more on hopping around the island, not hopping from one island to another. 🙂

Kit Cruz
August 19, 2013 at 11:29 am

Boracay has changed. A lot of improvement and development, but not overly. Numbers of hotel at boracay are rising, as well as the bars and restaurants, but that's one of the reasons why tourism in Boracay is also rising. So we should be happy for that.


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