August 4, 2012

First Half Game Summary

2012 is shaping up to be a fine year in comparison to the debacle that was last year, at least judging from the events that transpired from January to July. Below are some of the milestones achieved early this year:

  • Despite more than a year of putting in extra hours with little compensation, I still love my job. There’s something therapeutic about sitting in front a computer, writing and publishing business blog posts at breakneck speed, checking out Analytics for traffic and bounce rate (two of my worst online enemies), downloading different plugins for WordPress, and finding ways to increase transactions. I think it’s a win-win situation for the company and me – they get to draw conversions from my blog posts (assuming that they eventually will) and I get to increase my clout in the online world. I don’t want to say that I think I’ll be staying at this company indefinitely, but I think I’ll be staying at this company indefinitely.
  • I’ve finished recording my guitar parts for the re-recorded versions of our songs. The previous finished product from 2010 lacked the “oomph” in the overall sound, which is why we set up another set of sessions with the producer to capture the raw power of our performances using new and improved equipment. Personally, I hate recording our songs on the studio. I’m not sure if it’s a psychological thing, but I always have to do retakes on every measure of each song. I get nervous once the track begins, which causes my fingers to stiffen up and play the wrong notes. Regardless, I was able to get through it just in time before the first half of the year. Right now, we’ll have to wait for all the tracks to get recorded and mixed before we move on to more interesting things with the album, i.e. marketing.
  • I’ve done well on my return at school for my MA studies. After taking a faux-sabbatical the previous semester, I came back reinvigorated and determined to finish my Anglo-Am course all the way through, hopefully next year. It’s no secret that I’ve developed a hatred towards studying since working to earn is so much better, in my opinion. But I’ve gotten four years far into the program, so turning back is wasting all that I’ve studied for my MA. Signs were encouraging at the very least, as I received a 1.25 (1 being the highest) for the only class I took this recent semester. Let’s do this!
  • I’ve celebrated my official first anniversary with my beloved on February 29. We got together in 2008 and the succeeding years were filled with love in all its glory. However, since February 29 only happens every leap year, we technically can’t consider 2009 to 2011 as anniversaries. This 2012, we took our relationship to another level at our most recent visit at Tagaytay, among other things that we did days leading up to our trip, on our “first year” together. I’ve pretty much covered most of the events here. I love her so and it’s only going to get better from here.
With all the great things that happened the first half of the year, here are some of things I should be doing to keep the momentum going until the year’s end, if not forever.
  • Not fall asleep during work. Easier said than done, I must say. It’s no secret that I don’t get enough sleep on a daily basis – around 4 hours on average every week at varying times – but it is only way for me to get things done. I’m just wired that way. Of course, every action has its consequences. I believe I was deprived a higher salary increase because I sleep so much and often at work. It’s not a big issue, but he office is a place to work, no more and less. Caffeine has little effect on me ever since college, so no other solution outside sleep exists. Unless I consume lots of energy drinks, which is something I’m against.
  • Be a better boyfriend. The more I’m in a relationship, the more I’m starting to understand the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” saying. When all is said and done, I guess I’m just a typical guy who still find it difficult to fully grasp the women’s psyche. Right now, the best way to combat all the miscommunication that exists in our relationship is a positive attitude on all fronts, which is one of my biggest weaknesses in life. With the way I’m raised up, I’m somewhat of a negative person who hides behind his isolation. I can’t be that guy forever.
  • Be a better son. I’m privileged enough to have born in a loving and nurturing family. With some of the things I’ve done in life, a different family would have shunned and cast me aside. Which is why I’m somewhat disappointed with how I’ve represented myself as the only son in the family. I owe them that much to make a better effort in doing something good and becoming someone great for them.
Although there are no clear-cut solutions to every problem, these are tenable goals that I can accomplish within this year. Seriously, I’m getting old and I need something really fucking awesome to happen. May the second half gods compel me!

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