April 14, 2012

A Short Career Retrospective as a Writer

Haven’t updated this blog for quite some time, and for a good reason.

Writing on your personal blog, although it lets you clear out thoughts in your plate, is not really a profitable endeavor. I don’t receive money writing about poorly thought-out music and movie reviews, as well as other brainless things on my mind. (I mean, who would?)

Which is why I turned the corner by taking a part-time job that pays me to go crazy on the keyboard about various topics.

Aside from the extra dough I receive, the purpose of taking a part-time work goes back to being a writer by profession, which happens to be a constant struggle. Opportunities to make more money through writing have increased throughout the years, thanks to the rise of online content solutions. However, for six years, I still don’t think we get the credit we deserve for our efforts.

Which is why we are forced to go out of our way to find ways of breaking bank and improve our skills to receive an even higher salary.

I’ve written about different topics and have immersed myself in different writing industries: mainstream, adult, SEO, SEO adult, article submissions, copywriting, blogging – you name it, I may have done it, in some way or at some capacity. It has its rewards, but ultimately, there’s always this feeling that I should be getting more.

Regardless, I’m still sticking with my guns by writing and writing and writing. I’ve dabbled in web design and SEO throughout my years of working, but I feel much comfortable with my bread and butter, which is to sell an idea using words.

It won’t get me rich soon, but it’s the best possible job I could have in my life.

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