March 9, 2012

Jockstrap No More

I laugh about the fact that this blog gets hits for the wrong reasons. Not because of the 100% unique and awesome content (which I assure you is not the case) nor the SEO-friendly pages (Blogger is NOT at the very least SEO-friendly).

Rather, this blog gets traffic because of a goddamned jockstrap image.

As Sweet as Used Jockstrap really has nothing to do with the ball sack supporter. It’s just a stupid post about something trivial and forgettable I can’t even remember. Anyway, this post has received over a thousand hits which I assumed is caused by the image of a standard stain-colored jockstrap. In comparison, the next highest post I’ve made has barely reached 50 hits.

I have recently removed the jockstrap photo from the page, which would definitely drop down the blog traffic. But at least the data won’t be padded by something that has nothing to do with magic and tumbong.

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