February 24, 2012

Top Five

Just saw “High Fidelity” a couple of days ago and it just hit me – I remembered actually wanting to pattern my blog over how John Cusack brings up his personal top fives throughout the film. I’d always had this idea of writing something like “Top Five Songs to Listen to When Drunk,” “Top Five Things to Do When I’m Alone,” “Top Five Biggest Mistake I’ve Done,” and a whole lot more of crappy top five stuffs that I’ve suppressed throughout the years.

The concept is ripe with new things to talk about, but more importantly, it would have allowed me to stay in touch with what I believe is the Self.

Although time has passed and I’ve clearly outgrown the idea of doing a regular Top Five, I’ll do myself a favor by doing the one and, arguably, only Top Five about whatever that pops in my mind at the moment.

  1. I’ve started digging into books lately. After  having read Murakami’s Oedipal coming-of-age story “Kafka on the Shore,” I’m on the verge of finishing Sam Savage’s “Firmin,” a book about a literate rat in the real world. This book has been stuck with me for four years already and just like Baudolino, I had to read it just to say I’ve finished something off my bookshelf. In fact, there’s a lot more to read from my barely touched self: “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,” “The Scarlet Letter,” “”Being and Nothingness,” “Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda,” “The Grapes of Wrath,” “In Cold Blood,” and a whole lot of other obscure crap that the literary world may have forgotten. I plan on finish most of them this year, so let’s chalk that one up on my 2012 Checklist.
  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m liking school right now. Still not crazy about that INC I have with this impossible professor, but I have cleared my other INC this past week (1.50, baby!) and the subject I’m taking at the moment (Literature and Language) allows me to look at literature from a perspective of a Language major, which is about how words and text are used to convey a certain manner in a unified whole. Plus, if things go right, I’ll be taking up a German class in the second half of the year to complete my Foreign Language exam as part of the program requirement. I think it’s really happening; I think I can finish my MA degree by 2013. Hasn’t sunk in yet, but…holy shit.
  3. Work is pretty awesome, methinks. At least for now. But since when was work a pain in the ass, anyway? I think (and let me just say that I’ve been using “think” excessively in this post, which sets me up for failure later on, but what the fuck) that I’ll stay in this company for more than two years, the threshold of which I was unable to break with my previous employers. There’s always something up with the previous companies I’ve worked with, but I guess I’ve had my share of blame to it. It’s mostly about money. I hate it. I hate having to worry about money because it’s really not that important in the grand scheme of things, but in the society we live in, there’s such a thing as paying your goddamn bills. With that said, I hope this is the company I’ve been searching for all this time. Don’t let me down, expectations.
  4. The band suffered a setback these past weeks when the mixing of our recording was put to a stop. The producer suggested that we retake all the songs because he had new equipment, which would bring out a better sound compared to the raw version that we have in our hands right now. Now, I’m all for a better sound, but having to go through all that late hours retaking and relearning my guitar parts for our songs…it’s too burdensome. Doable, yes, but time-consuming and, in some ways, unnecessary. But whatever. That’s just me. Maybe I should just practice more and be better, is all.
  5. February sucks ass. I said it. And hate to say it, but it’s my own goddamn fault. I always complain and say, “I’m tired,” or “I’m not happy.” Fuck that shit. It’s spineless scum like me that  piss me off on a daily basis. This attitude is not fair for the people around me and it’s not helping anyone become better, me included. Now, I have a couple of days left to redeem the entire month, so I hope Satan fuck me sideways if I don’t pull this off.
PS: Sorry for this lengthy post. I got unconscious once the adrenaline of write kicked into full gear at the middle. Like Rene O. Villanueva said, “wild mind.”

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