January 21, 2012

Animal Wrongs

No offense to ChicBoy, which serves tasty food at affordable prices, but their logo looks terrible.

I’m no vegetarian, but I find it disturbing that some restaurant logos glorify their meat products – may they be chicken, beef, and pork –  by portraying them as happy and glad to be served in cutlets on the dining table.

First, why would they be happy? Why would people assume that animals are willing to offer their body to satiate the appetites of many? I honestly don’t think that the squealing pigs and wiggling chickens, once their throats are slit for the blood to pour, are expressions of  exultation.

It is merely their way of saying, “get me the fuck out of here.”

Put the situation the other way around: If cannibalism is legal and people are slaughtered and made into bulalo or giniling, I don’t think using this image as a restaurant logo would make for a great company branding, either.

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