September 11, 2011

Shotgun Thoughts

– Read “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. Using a simple narrative about rats and cheese, the book talks about keeping a close eye on the possible changes that may take place. It’s best to prepare for the worst in life to move on and enjoy success once again.

After reading the book, I felt the proverbial nail hammered in my thick skull. This year for me has been about change and I need to adjust much quicker to the ebb and flow of time. Since applying much of the concepts presented in the book, I think my life has gotten much more organized. 2011 can be salvaged, after all.

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– I’ve been in the fix of making a quick buck recently. Looking at the available ways, most of the ones I saw involve direct sales, which is potentially a big problem to me. Normally, talking to people and encouraging them to buy a product they don’t need is not my cup of tea. But age and experience made me change my perspective towards things. I don’t have to like what I’m doing, but I will probably have to do it anyway. As the saying goes, necessity is a bitch.

– Finding a job is like finding a partner. Will it provide me long-term happiness? Does it offer a reasonable compensation package? Do I like the people working there? So many questions, so little time. Five months in, and I’m still having a blast at my work. So, is this the one? Time will tell.

– This past Friday, jeep fare from office to home has gone up from 20 to 21 pesos. Not good.

– Four instant noodles in a day is bad for your health, but good for your pocket.

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