January 14, 2011


They’ll be coming here soon, so I might as well write something about them. They deserve it.

Wasn’t a big fan even before, but in 2005, I had both their first albums, “Blueprints for the Black Market” and “Never Take Friendships Personal” on loop during the latter part of 2005 and it’s because of this song. And this. And this. And this.
This one, too.
You know the myth that music can help you during difficult times in life? Well, there’s definitely therapeutic value to strip-to-the-bone songwriting and catchy-as-hell melodies, after which the lyrics slowly take shape. Next thing you know, you’re singing the songs while taking a bath, mindlessly walking at school, driving back home, and going to sleep.
Whenever you’re having some sort of episode in your life, you begin remembering things that’ll make you happy and temporarily forget the sadness that shrouds you like a dark cloud. And then you instantly remember songs that you like and start humming to it as the track played in your mind, regardless of the songs’ thematic content. After a couple of minutes or so singing the songs in horrible fashion, all’s good and well again.
Just before you know it, you have let music into your life, let alone shaped it. There’s simply no greater feeling than that.
Last year, Kings of Convenience, the folk duo responsible for the best rendition of a-ha’s most underrated track, as well as composing arguably the best song of 2009 and one of my most favorite songs ever, performed live at reasonable ticket rates. AND I MISSED IT. I had the most reasonable of reasons, which actually makes it the worst reason for the situation (no money). For a while, I kinda hated myself for it. Only a couple of times in life do the stars align and offer you the goods on a silver platter. And yet, I simply didn’t take it.
This year, Anberlin will be performing live soon in our country. Didn’t really know if I wanted to attend, but after writing this post and rekindling my passion for music that was lost after I started becoming a corporate bitch and liking the band on my Facebook account, I think I want to attend. I seriously do.

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