September 9, 2009


The anticlimactic buildup.

So I spent my informal last day with the company by arriving late and leaving early. Very suave. The reason was for me to join some of the guys to help them buy the groceries and prepare the food for that evening’s festivities held at our co-worker’s bachelor mansion, which is obviously waaaay better than work. It was the second time a dinner/drinking/videoke party had been held there, leading me to assume this is going to be an annual thing even after my resignation.

The night should have been legendary, as nothing could go wrong with spaghetti carbonara, chips and dip, Tekken 5, poker, and an unlimited well containing magical beer in your arsenal of partying. Not to mention, I acted out like an arse half the evening, an indication that the partying spirit in me is alive and well. However, it’s probably just one of those days where everything was bound to suck. Ah well, the milk was spilled ever before the day started, so fuck it, getting drunk was the way to go.

When I planned to spend my last day with my co-workers, I honestly didn’t have farting and cursing in front of them like a sailor as part of the agenda. (Although honestly, that was the most invigorating and refreshing thing I did the whole day, that and singing an inebriated version of “Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree.”) But when all was said and done, it’s okay. Just like my year with the company.

I learned a lot from that place: how people think, how work sucks and will always suck, trying and failing to adapt to the sterile environment of the corporate world, and the smoking. Oh, God, the smoking. And despite all the difficulties I’ve caused and experienced in one feel swoop, I would say that I became a better man afterwards. Which is why I resigned. Kidding. I had fun. Seriously.

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