August 3, 2009


Went to the university in hopes of borrowing books I need for my report this coming week. However, my drive was met with utter disappointment that the goddamn traffic prevented me from getting to the library on time. Disappointment then turned into anger after finding out that the traffic was because of the college entrance exam that crammed in all the kiddies aspiring to become a iskolar ng bayan. Well, screw them. The traffic not only made me go back home empty-handed, but also forced me to go a different and longer route. Thanks, kid!

Saw I Love You, Man for the second time. The movie that introduced me the nickname Joban and that strange way of slapping the bass is the best of 2009, in my opinion, until I see Up.

Was supposed to see The Proposal with girlfriend later that night, but because of some freak accident, it never happened. Instead, we played The Sims and drank some grub at a nearby bar.

Drove by to her former house. Currently being renovated without their knowledge. Must be frustrating and heart-breaking for her to see that, but I’ll always be here for her.

Hopped to the shindig of my bandmates who were bugging me to drink with them the whole evening. Even though they’re the kind of people who lead carefree lives through alcohol, music, and strange company, I miss those guys. Haven’t seen them in ages but talking about the old days of our playing music together brought back a sense of urgency of picking up the guitar and run through some scales, which I did when I got back home. Oh, and the recording of the guitar parts for the album is near. Face first to D-day!

Next day, accomplished paperworks to bring the plan into fruition. And so I did.

Had THE haircut of haircuts later that evening. Will definitely give me a cooler head.

Watched I Love You, Man for the third time. Never gets fucking old. I’m slapping the bass, man!

Was with girlfriend again who was alone at their house. She’s tired, I know. Must do more, work harder, be better.

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