August 16, 2009


I tried searching a local heavy metal forum site for ticket reservations of an Arch Enemy performance in A-Venue next month, when I decided to just search threads about my band instead. Back during my first few years with the group when I made a habit of constantly searching for comments on blog and forum posts on the web about our performances, I stopped all of a sudden because I realized that as a unit, we really do suck, which prompted less-than-stellar reviews from our peers.

The negativity is well-grounded and I respect most of the feedbacks, but at the same time, it bore some unintelligent and inane ones that piss all over the constructive criticism. Sure, I’m used to unkind and scathing remarks, but it’s difficult to seriously take comments that simply don’t make fucking sense. Blame hipsters and bandwagon jumpers who lambast bands and musicians for not being metal enough. Whatever, men. Just enjoy the music for what it is.

Well, two years past, and after all the practice and gigs we’ve played, it’s the first time that I saw a thread talking about how much tighter and better we’ve gotten since we started. I know I’m far from being great when it comes to playing guitar, but it still feels good knowing that all those times of not studying in college and wasting the night away waiting for bands to finish at five in the morning before we could perform finally paid off. It’s not the money (what money???) or the recognition that drives me into doing these things, but it is that exulting feeling that you get to properly give something back to music the way it gave me that satisfaction of listening to my favorite songs from the bands I idolize.


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