August 18, 2009


The day signals the change of times as I started devoting myself to the plan, three full hours of it. The conditions were ideal: flexible hours as long as I meet a bi-monthly quota while at the comforts of our home. Busying myself on the couch with my notebook (since that was the nearest place where I can connect the notebook to the cable internet), I found out that most of the employees I was with were from a different region and speaking in their local dialect but were kind enough to speak in English most of the time when we chatted through Skype.

To give you a background, I am and will never be sociable. I have had difficulty making friends with anyone because I just don’t want to. Because of this, I’ve had problems with school and my previous jobs. Factor all these things together and put me in a situation where I have to adjust to the nature of work and talk with my co-workers to coordinate with our project via e-mail or Skype, there will be some issues coming my way. Alas, bring it on.

It is a different world. New tasks I haven’t handled before. Communicating with people who, when reduced to their physical states, happen to be voices trapped inside a strange practical device of the modern times. Not spending anything for food (Wahoo!). Stay tuned.

Back to the grind of things, as I entered the office past lunch to once again assume a job title I did not deserve to carry in the first place and in which my days are numbered. Therefore, to make the most of my stay, instead of the usual protocol where I would get my hands dirty with pending work after reading a throng of messages from my mail, I did absolutely little to justify my stay in the office. Save for the daily reports and power naps that last for an hour (a God-like nap, indeed), I spent most of my remaining days doing the things I won’t be able to do a week from now: play badminton with the guys, stay up late in the office to hang out with the night shift peeps, leave the office beyond the allowed time, and just talk with them.

After the badminton game, in which I thoroughly and painfully sucked shit nipples, one of my co-workers told me that I could return and play with them anytime I’d like – a very heartwarming gesture that I’d like to repay someday. But we’ll see. Maybe soon, maybe never. Whatever.

Also, props out to the night shift peeps, who once again proved to me how much of a douche I was in working in the morning.

The end is near.

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