July 28, 2009


There are two things I currently hate doing: writing travel blogs for a part-time gig that was due months ago and forcing myself out of bed early in the morning. The latter I struggle to do on a constant basis. Waking up is an equivalent of having a shriveled corpse rise up from the grave. I’m eating breakfast with my eyes closed and I can’t remember a damn thing before I enter the car and get dropped off at the office.

Work started out just like any other day at the office: check e-mails and watch out for client mails with scathing remarks, update documentations, coordinate with the new employees and see if they are still in the loop with the project, assist the current workers to continue with their work progress, and repeat. So yeah, it’s a cruel cycle that bores even the ascetics to tears.

Boss and I had a candid talk about my plan in her fortress a floor below our office. And so it went.

After work has been done, I wrote a lengthy piece about July, which for me has been the worst month of every year. Aside from my birthday, which is a great excuse to get drunk mad, nothing really good ever comes out from it. So what’s the best thing to resolve such a crummy month? Write 1,000 words about how mentally retarded I’ve felt throughout the past few weeks, print it out, seal it in an envelope, and send it to a special someone who would at least understand what I’m going through.

The flaw with the plan was that I never handed it to my girlfriend. Instead, we watched the usual lineup of telenovelas on a local station on TV. Although I’m never a big fan of overdrawn, pompous, and predictable shows on prime time (I despise it), I definitely don’t mind watching how Rosalinda gets out of the shitty hole she’s born into, or how Yuan tries to fight his conflicted feelings for this girl who broke his heart because she was manipulated by this guy who is pissed off at Yuan because he was supposed to inherit a business but the business was bestowed to Yuan. It’s crazy, I know!

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