After that horrible Sunday evening, despair struck twice when I opened my company mail the next morning and read another discouraging message from the client. Great. All I needed was another voice reminding me how much I suck. Kill me now.

Speaking of having me murdered, the day at the office won’t be complete without the tiresome and retarded banter of my female co-worker. However, instead of her incessant ramblings about the same nonsense everyday, she talked about a real and legitimate problem, i.e. grounded on actual events and not based on speculation and flights of fancy. Well, it’s about time, goddammit! If she could stop being annoying, then she might actually become a real person.

I talked to the higher ups about my plans. So far, so good. Things are unfolding according to my expectations.

The day capped off with a visit to the girlfriend’s house and cooked spaghetti using the leftover sauce from last weekend. Despite the scattered rain showers during the afternoon, it was a calm and peaceful night, the way everything should be.

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